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Up Adviser uses advanced analytics and powerful visualisations to better demonstrate the value of sound financial advice.

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  • “Advanced analytics and real time local market data means my calculations are accurate and up-to-date"

    Andy Ng, Financial Services Director, Infinitum Financial Advisory

  • “With Up Adviser we’re able to compress 85 years of life events into a financial roadmap”

    Johnny Nimrod Chan, Financial Services Manager, Apex Wealth Management

  • “Gone are the days when I had to sit down with a client and use a pen and paper”

    Maximilian Tung, Wealth Management Adviser, PromiseLand

  • “I haven’t yet seen another software capable of doing the same thing”

    Michael Khosrowpour, Financial Advisory Director, PromiseLand

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    Revolutionising Financial Advice

    Digital financial planning

    Save time and deliver a better client experience with information that’s easy to enter and access anywhere, anytime.

    Clear and transparent advice

    Help clients see, and better understand, key scenarios and decisions with simple and powerful visualisations of your advice.

    Better client collaboration

    Share plans with ease and collaborate more effectively with clients.

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      Help us show how UpAdviser is revolutionising financial advice and you could win a $1,000 voucher from CapitaLand.

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      The Choice of Leading FA Firms

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      4 Star Adviser Rating

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      • The solution digitised what I've been doing using an Excel spreadsheet.

        Ang Kok Chin

        Financial Advisory Director, Financial Alliance

      • This helps WYNNES in a test project – '30 under 30’ – to engage in a conversation with millennials, who are the next generation of our senior clients.

        Carol Seah

        Founder & CEO, WYNNES Financial Advisers

      • It provided a better understanding of client needs and their potential returns for retirement planning.

        David Wee

        Manager Distribution, Finexis

      • The client was very impressed with the platform. It made explanation and planning very easy to articulate!

        Mahalingam Saravanan

        Associate Director Business Development, JPara Solutions

      • I told him rather than show him various retirement plans, I could go through his financial status and do holistic planning for his family, for him to have a better picture.

        Philip Ong Kheng Leong

        Director, Ray Alliance

      • It’s able to give clients a more holistic and complete financial planning experience, especially a non-bias point of view.

        Stanley Sum

        Senior Financial Consultant, SingCapital

        We're BetterTradeOff

        We simplify and demystify financial planning with do-it-yourself and collaborative online planning solutions for consumers, advisers and financial institutions.

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        Powerful Tools to Plan and Protect Your Client's Future

        Client Self-onboarding

        Save time on fact finding by allowing clients to self-onboard digitally.

        Child Dream

        Help clients plan and better prepare for the addition of a new child.

        Insurance Gap Simulation

        Identify coverage gaps and secure your client's financial future.

        Inflation Adjusted and Nominal Values

        Demonstrate the impact of inflation by switching between inflation adjusted and nominal value views.

        Relocation Simulation

        Help clients assess and plan for relocation opportunities.

          Up Adviser was developed in collaboration with top advisers and their clients

          This industry pilot project set out to demonstrate that a collaborative approach to digital financial planning, supported by BTO’s solution, could help advisers improve productivity and serve clients better.

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