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Financial Tools: Part 2 – Financial Planning App

Covid-19 has dealt a severe blow to the economy, and as it has, affected people of all ages and vocations across the world.

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Fintech Start-up Has Holistic Life-planning Solutions For Everyone

An interview with BTO Co-Founder and CEO Laurent Bertrand.

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How financial planning will change post COVID-19

BetterTradeOff CEO, Laurent Bertrand, talks about Up and how financial planning has changed due to the pandemic on Money FM 89.3 with Elliott Danker, Manisha Tank, and Ryan Huang.

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Meet Up: a financial Planning platform to help you manage your money

Financial planning. Two words to the average millennial, at best, spark disinterest, and at worst, causes anxiety.

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What’s Up? How to Break Out of the Sandwich Generation Cycle with this Platform

Caught between filial piety and obligation.

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Young adults tackle first economic crisis

The Sunday Times finds out how they are rethinking their saving and spending habits with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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